To age on our own terms – Opening Ceremony Speech by Ewa Winnicka and Magdalena Grzebałkowska

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We are Ewa Winnicka and Magdalena Grzebałkowska. We are women, reporters, and authors of non-fiction books. Also mothers and wives. 

Suddenly it turned out that we are middle-aged women. The stereotype of a woman around 50 in Poland is not encouraging. She becomes invisible, she should slowly start saying goodbye to professional life, and she should start playing a servant role towards other generations. That’s what our mothers did. 

We were terrified. 

We are not ready to sidestep life. Neither professional, social, nor emotional.

 From our conversations about what is happening, our podcast was created: „How to Get Old Without Dignity”. It turned out that our fears were shared by many people, mostly women.

More and more listeners and viewers do not want to disappear.

We know that we will be completely different from our parents in fifteen years. 

Statistically, we have at least 30 years to live. We will be healthier, and better educated. We want to experience these years as fully as possible.

We want to decide what happens to us for as long as possible… 

For that to happen, one must prepare for this time approaching. First of all, financially may be difficult in our economic reality. 

Perhaps new solutions will be needed: Cohabitation, for example.

Also: Intellectually.  We must take care of our ageing brains:  study, read a lot not quit our jobs. 

Emotionally: we think older people also fall in love, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of about it. 

We are sure that to age on our own terms, networking is essential. 

We need to „see” each other. Talk to each other, meet, and do things together.

After all, in 2040, 70% of our society will be people over 60. We will be the force that politicians will have to reckon with. We must learn to be visible.

And that’s what we do in our podcast in an entertaining way (because we have a great sense of humor).

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