Get to know the EWAHA workshops themes

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Four thematic areas were identified by the EWAHA programme committee as the pillars of the 2022 edition. All proposals for interactive sessions and workshops must fall in one of these thematic areas. Get to know them better.

Theme 1: The impact of the AAL Programme

The AAL programme has been working since 2008 to improve the quality of life of elders through the digitalisation of services and products. Such work of innovation supports impacted various regions in Europe, in various ways. From our perspective, we have done our homework and an impact study has been finding the qualitative and quantitative effect of AAL in the last 14 years.

We also want to hear your voice and perspective to present, share and disseminate the learning curve of all the actors of the AAL universe! We are keen to welcome sessions that can present how the evolution of active and healthy ageing was in the last decade, by taking into consideration the input and contribution of the AAL Programme.

Theme 2: The European Ageing well agenda in the 2020s

This theme aims to present how the main European Initiatives are implementing action streams related with active and healthy ageing, and how they are aligning their strategies to leverage Europe’s competitiveness in that domain.

Theme 3: How to prepare for an ageing society?

This theme aims to investigate how European society is preparing for ageing at all levels. We are eager to learn from any type of initiative at economic and social level that are presenting innovative approaches.

Theme 4: Enhancing Impact of AAL Projects

This theme aims to learn from previous experience of successful cases, answering the question “If our project started today, what we would do different?”. Will also address relevant inherent indicators to increase the impact of AAL Solutions, considering the experience and AAL projects good practices and methodologies.

Details and examples of the sessions topics are to be found HERE.

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Thank you for attending the EWAHA 2022!

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