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The European Week of Active & Healthy Ageing aims to be the European networking and exchange platform for providing innovation support and inter-disciplinary cooperation for active and healthy ageing. It brings together collaboration partners from around Europe (from industry and academia to care providers and the older people themselves), who are engaged in promoting and supporting healthy ageing to innovate new service models, such as in health and care, lifelong learning, and employment. 

It will be a third edition of The European Week of Active & Healthy Ageing and will take place 18 –  20 October 2022 in Gdansk, Poland. The event will build on 10 years of legacy of the AAL Association’s AAL Forum, sharing knowledge and showcasing innovation at all levels in the active and healthy ageing sector.

Presenting at this event is a brilliant way of informing other delegates and stakeholders about how you are helping to change the way older people use technology to stay healthy and independent for longer. It is an excellent way to make your mark at the forum whilst fully immersing yourself in the rest of the event’s workshops, plenary sessions and networking opportunities.

Five thematic areas were identified by the EWAHA Programme Committee as the pillars of the 2022 edition. All proposals must fall in one of these thematic areas:

  • THEME 1: The impact of the AAL Programme

  • THEME 2: The European Ageing well agenda in the 2020s

  • THEME 3: How to prepare for an ageing society?

  • THEME 4: Enhancing Impact of AAL Projects 

  • THEME 5: The open category (no thematic area)


Submit your poster’s proposal by filling in the form here:

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Thank you for attending the EWAHA 2022!

The AAL Programme would like to thank you all, who attended  the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2022 in Gdansk, Poland! Previous Next