Gdansk – a city with a wide range of tech companies and ageing well solutions

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For centuries, openness, and free movement of people, goods, and ideas have been an invariable constituent of the foundations for the development of Gdansk. A natural consequence of the city’s port nature is also its hospitality and readiness for changes, new challenges, and opportunities. 

The metropolis of Gdansk is the largest academic center in northern Poland, where there are 23 institutions of higher education with 100,000 students and over 26,000 graduates per year. That’s why Gdansk has so many technology centers, technological companies, and start-ups that are working on improving the well-being and the level of life that we would like to present to you!

The major player in this field is The Gdansk University of Technology, which has two research centers:

Digital Technologies Centrum – develops technologically advanced solutions in the field of electronics, IT, automation, robotics, mechatronics, and telecommunications.

Scientists are working here to improve the broadly understood safety and comfort of life in society. 

BioTechMed Centrum – which works on research and implementation of modern technologies in the field of biomedical engineering, molecular and pharmaceutical biotechnology, and methods of searching for new drugs.

Scientists are working on new methods of biomedical measurements (also with the use of artificial intelligence methods), diagnosis and therapy of patients, and dedicated control systems for devices with a wide range of applications in medicine, including in rehabilitation and exoskeletons.

The other player is the Gdansk Science and Technology Park of prof. Hilary Koprowski (GPN-T) – which is a place for the development of science and entrepreneurship, cooperation of economic, social, scientific, research, and local government entities. Together, we build and promote new economic and technological solutions.

GPN-T is a business support institution established on the initiative of the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, the City of Gdansk, Gdansk University of Technology, and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone, which currently manages the Park.

Another great company from Gdansk is – AssisTech. That invented and provided on the market their innovative product the C-Eye® PRO.

C-Eye® PRO – This is a tool that helps therapists assess the state of consciousness and rehabilitate patients with various neurological disorders. The C-Eye® PRO system is a work tool of many specialists:

* therapists – incl. speech therapists, neurological therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, AAC therapists, vision therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists,

* teachers, educators – incl. oligophrenopedagogues, typhlo-pedagogues,

* doctors – in particular rehabilitation specialists, and neurologists.

The next big company in Gdansk is the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (IBMM) – which is a research institution that creates a center for biomedical research.

The thematic scope of IBMM’s activities includes biotechnology, medicine, diagnostics, molecular biology, and materials engineering. IBMM is actively involved in technology transfer and the development of projects with high commercial potential. Thanks to an extensive network of local and international partners specializing in commercialization with high potential. The goal of IBMM is to support the development of science and education by conducting research, development, and innovation activities.

There are a bunch of start-ups that are working in the sphere of well-being, such as:

PioLigOn – a platform unique in the world for designing peptide drugs based on a computer algorithm for designing peptides – VPDesigner42 ™ was entirely created by the Team. Thanks to this solution, the costly and multi-week experimental process were shortened to several dozen minutes. In addition, the platform gives the possibility to freely extend the library with unnatural amino acids, of which more than 500 are currently used.

Mediars – an efficient IT system that enables additional analysis of cytological preparations classified as negative in the screening in terms of the presence of precancerous lesions and cancer, and the development of a scheme that allows for comprehensive diagnostics with its use.

SimLE Silverhand – hand prosthesis controlled by EMG signals, the body, fingers, and seat of the prosthesis will be made in 3D printing technology. The project is expected to increase the availability of orthopedic supplies for people with lower capacity

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