Transferability of digital health solutions: from research to reality

Myriam Sillevis Smitt

Workshop Leader

Myriam works as a researcher at imec-SMIT-Vrije Universiteit Brussel, currently coordinating the Horizon2020 SEURO study at the Belgian trial site. Her research is focused on the implementation of software solutions in real world settings and assessing their effectiveness. Myriam has expertise in conducting workshops, predominantly with a focus on evaluating technology and extracting user requirements for the development of digital health applications.

Jéssica Ferreira Morais


Jéssica is a researcher working at imec-SMIT-Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Her research in the SEURO study is to explore and develop business models for the transferability tools in development. She holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and Health Management and has been working in a public hospital in Brazil for 4 years, where she was involved with hospital procurement and strategic development of health services. Her ambition is to facilitate inter-continental knowledge exchange on healthcare practices. For the workshop she will present an artificial intelligence prediction model, called ProInsight, to assess the impact of a digital health solution on health system performance.

Lisa Cesario


Lisa holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and Engineering taken at University of Bologna with a thesis on developing assistive webapp to foster autonomy on people with cognitive disabilities. She is currently working as Software Engineer at the WeCareMore Centre for Research and Innovation of AIAS Bologna onlus and at the Regional Centre of Assistive Technology in Bologna (Italy). Her ambition is to understand how emerging technologies con foster inclusion and quality of life of people and make the most of their potential: this includes both testing many different technologies (i.e domotic and smart environment, VR and telepresence, 3D printing, and, most of all, social robotics) and developing brand new software from scratch.

As people continue to live longer in our increasingly digital society, new digital health solutions are being developed to support people in maintaining a healthy life. Despite promising research outcomes, applicability of such digital health solutions in practice is often challenging. The SEURO project aims to investigate and address key factors necessary to prepare any region to successfully implement and scale an innovative, people-centric digital integrated health and social care solution. The goal of this workshop is to examine how tools for implementation and transferability of digital health solutions – such as ProBCF, ProTransfer, and ProInsight – can help to bridge the gap from research to practice.