Towards (eco-)systemic innovation & collaboration for Ageing well in Europe

Klaus Niederländer

Klaus Niederländer

Workshop Coordinator & Speaker

Klaus Niederländer is currently the Director of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Association, an international public partnership of national and regional Health, Innovation & Research Ministries/Funding Agencies from 18 countries (mainly in Europe plus North America and Asia). This funding programme focuses on active & healthy ageing with support of digital-based solutions. Mr Klaus Niederlander has 25 years of work experience in dealing with socio-economic transformation issues, such as SME development in Sub-Saharan Africa or the spreading of cooperative enterprise models in various sectors in Europe, e.g. for locally owned renewable energy production, healthcare and education. Since 2016 his work focuses on demographic change challenges and opportunities through ageing well based on autonomy, self-help and solidarity.

Lead workshop participants

Mr. Victor Haze - Ecosystem expert, the Netherlands

Mr. Antonio Cunha - Ageing Coimbra, Portugal

Mrs Roberta Papa - Marche Region, Italy

Mrs. Alexia Zurkuhlen - Health Region Koeln/Bonn, Germany

This workshop forms part of the AAL ecosystem support action for ageing well & health & care in 2022, which has three main objectives:
1. Embark on an ecosystem learning journey for greater system awareness and learning in practice
2. Develop collaboration opportunities for regional ecosystems around Europe
3. Provide recommendations for public funding tools with regard to (eco) systemic innovation support based on AAL Programme experience 
Workshop participants:
  • Johannes Oberzaucher – Kaernten/SmartVitaality
  • Pia Wiborg Astrup, Pia Nissen, Malou Munkholm – Central Denmark Region
  • Marco Roth, Juha Teperi – Tesoma Wellbeing Alliance
  • Lucie Vaamonde – Gerontopole Nouvelle Aquitaine/Silver Eco France
  • Alain Franco – Bien Vieillir Grenoble
  • Alexia Zurkuhlen – Gesundheitsregion Koeln/Bonn
  • Thomas Karopka – Gesundheitsregion Mecklenburg-V.
  • Roberta Papa – Marche Region
  • Francesco Fera – Puglia Region
  • Daan Bultje – Healthy Ageing Network North Netherlands (HANN)
  • Line Thomsen, Shalini Premachandran Frøiland – HealthCampus Stavanger
  • Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk – Pomerania/Pomorskie Region
  • Antonio Linda da Cunha – Ageing@Coimbra
  • Adrian Leather – Active Lancashire
  • Ivan Raris – Health Cluster Galicia
  • Bengt Andersson, Niclas Forsling – Nordic Welfare Centre
  • Patrick Hofer – Pro Aidants
  • Torbjörn Nordling – NSTICS