Increase the impact of your AAL-funded project through digital accessibility!

Jon Matthew Switters

Workshop Coordinator

    Jon Switters has over 16 years of experience managing European projects with a focus on the end user and bridging the digital divide that exists, especially for older people and people with disabilities. Also, he has been specializing in the field of accessibility for more than 3 years. Currently, Jon is in the coordination team of several European projects on accessibility, including training projects covering aspects such as the introduction to accessibility, relevant legislation, the main technical standards, assistive technologies and the creation of accessible content. Jon is also part of the team tasked with reviewing the implementation of the Website Accessibility Directive.

    The AAL programme has funded many projects that have developed innovative digital solutions to help older adults live more actively and independently for longer. However, these projects and the solutions developed as a result, will only be successful and sustainable in the future if they are accessible. Digital accessibility means that everyone should be able to perceive the information, handle the interface and understand the information. Project teams must therefore keep digital accessibility in mind throughout the project lifecycle. This workshop will highlight the importance of digital accessibility, discuss how it can be included in your projects and look at how it can increase the impact of your project’s results.