Ecosystem Health Check

Klaus Niederländer

Workshop Coordinator

Klaus Niederländer is currently the Director of the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Association, an international public partnership of national and regional Health, Innovation & Research Ministries/Funding Agencies from 18 countries (mainly in Europe plus North America and Asia). This support programme focuses on active & healthy ageing with support of digital-based solutions.


Mr. Thomas Kösters, DEEP Ecosystem, Germany

Mrs. Valentina Forrer, DEEP Ecosystem, Germany

Adapting to an ageing population in Europe by mitigating the risks and optimising the opportunities requires more than individual actions or projects. It calls for collective action on a system level. Yet, how do you get started with such a shift in approach, perspective and ultimate goal.
This workshop will provide an introduction into ecosystem building based on the experience and practice of the ‘DEEP Ecosystem’ accelerator.
The objective of the ecosystem health check is learn about ecosystem thinking and how to measure its usefulness.