Bringing VR (Virtual Reality) to Palliative Care - An innovator’s guide to the End-of-Life

Martin Biallas

Workshop Coordinator

Martin Biallas is researcher in the AAL-domain at the iHomeLab of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Patrick Hofer

Patrick Hofer


Patrick Hofer is the Advocate for Carers with Pro Aidants, Co-Founder of We+Care, Aging2.0 Zurich Chapter Ambassador and Project Coordinator of the AAL-JP Project Quality of Life at the end of life.

The “quality of life at the end of life” AAL-JP project is bringing IT to palliative care.

Thanks to the AAL-JP program, emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality have been applied to the tabooed end-of-life domain. Service model innovators from an age-tech startup, an advocacy organization for informal carers – together with research labs – share actionable insights, on how to design technology-driven end-of-life care services in a coordinated ecosystem approach. With workshop participants we discuss best practices, on how research findings are taken into policy and action from a European public health perspective. Meet us in the metaverse.